ISP Program Overview

Dream Effects Multimedia ISP Program Overview

Infrastructure Service Provider (ISP) Program Highlights.

The Dream Effects Multimedia ISP program empowers you with a wide array of web infrastructure products that you can, both, resell to your ISP channel as well as retail to your customers. As an Infrastructure Service Provider, the WWWengine platform allows you to market end to end solutions to retail customers, small to medium enterprises as well as large corporations.

Benefit from a great combination of Products and Pricing
Continually growing spread of web infrastructure products.
Get pricing that offers great value for the convenience it provides.
Earn through monetization opportunities throughout the lifecycle of the products.
Reduce your operational expenses by automating processes for your Sales, Billing, Support and Marketing Teams
Offer intuitive, robust, mobile-friendly, brandable and fully customizable Control Panels to your Customers, ISPs and their company users (Billing, Sales, Support).
Grow your business through multi-tier ISP chains.
Boost your Sales automatically with:
  • the ability to display Selling prices in multiple currencies,
  • allow ISPs to choose to auto-refill their Debit account,
  • Sales Force Automation Tools for tracking, nurturing and converting leads into regular revenue streams,
  • Business Intelligence Reports to review where your user acquisition, sales, revenues, lifetime value of customers are headed.
Allow your Billing Team to easily track pending payments, collect funds and manage your Customers and ISPs relationship with your organization.
Empower your Marketing team with a host of tools that provide deep business insight through:
  • the ability to improve the search engine ranking of your Market pages,
  • track visitors and conversions through software such as Google Analytics and Ecommerce conversion tracking,
  • build engaging Promotions while leveraging Sales Force Automation optimized user relationships, Product Bundling, Affiliate engine,
  • ability to share Promotions through Social Media interactions,
  • display social media follow icons on your Market and Emails.
Sell your Products to Customers through a variety of Shopping Platforms

As a Dream Effects Multimedia ISP, you get multiple options for selling Products as well as signing up ISPs through your own ISP program. You may choose from either:

Market, your customizable, responsive and search engine friendly application marketplace,
ready-made (coming soon!) Wordpress plugins,
any of the various (coming soon!) billing solution addons,
Ensure a great Customer Experience is your highest priority

Keep your Customers, ISPs and Support Team happy with:

product and features documentation within the interfaces itself,
interface tours,
Account Setup Wizard,
interface and Order search.
consistent left, top and footer navigation,
announcement and alert notifications,
full fledged Abuse Management system for your Support Team,
SSL protection of Market and Control Panels,
Two-factor (One-Time Password) Authentication for Control Panel login.
IP Whitelisting,
Fraud mitigation measures.

The Dream Effects Multimedia ISP program has been designed specifically with feedback from entrepreneurs like you. We are continuously listening to feedback from our ISPs and are adding products and features, that allow you to build a high volume business with bigger margins.